put forward, put away, put aside, put down,

put off, put up, put up with, put one's hands on

(1) the manager asked me to let you know that the meeting planned for this morning has been_______till this afternoon.

(2) after rejecting our plan, mr. smith went on to______his own suggestion.

(3) i couldn't________my toothache any longer, so i turned to a dentist for help.

(4) the owner of the shop has started to________some posters advertising their new products.

(5) we are supposed to_________our differences and try to solve the problems we have in common.

(6) make sure that you_________the key words your teacher says in class so that you can go over your notes after class.

(7) my dad finally found the missing keys in a jacket he had________for the spring.

(8) i can't________the pen, which is a birthday gift from my father.



put up with 忍受;容忍

put one's hands on 找到

put down 记下;写下;镇压

put off 推迟;延期;脱下

put up 张贴;举起;搭建;提供住宿

put away 把……收起来;存(钱)以备他日之需

put aside 把……放在一旁;存(钱);不予理会

put on 穿上;上演;长胖或增加体重;开动(设备、装置等)

make sense, make use of,

make ends meet, make one's way,

make a difference, be made up of

(1) it's easy to think that individuals can't________when it comes to the problem of global warming.

(2) as soon as william saw us, he________through the crowd to greet us warmly

(3) our class_________twenty girls and six boys, who are all from different provinces.

(4) adam's monthly income is so small that it is at times difficult for him to_________.

(5) the old man doesn't like talking much,but what he says usually________, so we enjoy staying with him.

(6) i think it would be a good place for me to__________the experience i have had.



make sense 讲得通;有意义

be made up of 由……构成

make one's way 前往

make use of 利用;使用

make ends meet 使收支相抵

make fun of 取笑

make up one's mind 下决心;打定主意

make up 编造;化妆;补偿;和解

make a difference 有影响;起(重要)作用;区别对待

come up, come up with, come from,

come out, come about

(1) when alice_________some ideas, she found that they had chosen a clean place and put up their tents.

(2) because the writer was seriously ill, we didn't know when the new book would_______.

(3) we have a new classmate. judging from his accent, we can't exactly figure out which country he_________.

(4) when i heard footsteps__________behind me, i felt very nervous and frightened.

(5) allen, how did it_________that you spent so much time doing so little work?



come about 发生;造成

come across 偶然遇见;碰见

come after 追赶;追逐

come out 出现;露出;出版;发行

come into being 形成;产生

come up 走近;上来;提出;成长;生长

come to life 复苏;苏醒过来;变得活跃

come up with 想出;提出

come back 回来;又成为时尚